Sharrow (theadydal) wrote in dublincircle,

Hi and thanks for the welcome.

I wasn't expecting a welcome but thank you.

I found something today I wanted to share.
Dublin was one of the many ports and trading town that the vikings came and settled in.
So it would not be that unsual for there to be those in Ireland and in Dublin who have bloodties and connections to those Gods.
Is there anyone here that incorperated that way of being, or ritual or dealing with those dieties ?

I have a connect there myself and have acted as valkyrie a time or two at blots.

Also there is a new graphic novel I am hoping to get

"Gods of Asgard is a full-length graphic novel interpretation of the Norse myths, drawing on English translations of the original source material. It is a lifelong dream of artist/author Erik Evensen, who realized that although the mythology figures prominently in the world of comics, a true, straightforward adaptation has a never been published."

what do you think ?
Have you come across comic/graphic novels pertaining to your gods or gods you interact with and what was the best and worsest ?

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